Experience Cuenca Ecuador launches new website and Breakfast in the mercado and epicurean delights program

Breakfast in the mercado program and epecurean delights Experience Cuenca Ecuador
Breakfast in the mercado program and epicurean delights Experience Cuenca Ecuador

Experience Cuenca Ecuador was founded in order to share and help preserve the unique cultural, architecture, and culinary heritage of Cuenca Ecuador. In the age of globalization, the founder Rick Duda wanted to find a way to help provide education programs to tourists and locals alike to help to support the local business owners, artisans, and craftspeople. The business came about as the result of making many new friends in Cuenca over meals in restaurants, meeting at museums, sharing the “inside scoop” on where to find what. In Cuenca you can just about find anything; the challenge is knowing who knows who knows who and where to find it and how to get there!  Our motto pretty much says it all Making new friendships through educational experiences with the unique foods, architecture, history, and arts of Cuenca Ecuador so if you are seeking to make new friends, try, taste, see, and learn new things you have found the right spot. Bienvenidos y buen provecho!

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Experience Cuenca Ecuador launches new website and Breakfast in the mercado and epicurean delights program

2 thoughts on “Experience Cuenca Ecuador launches new website and Breakfast in the mercado and epicurean delights program

  1. Whether you are a first time visitor to Cuenca, a recent transplant, or a seasoned resident, you will enjoy the “Mercado Tastings and Cuenca’s Epicurean Delights” program brought to you by Experience Cuenca Ecuador (http://www.experiencecuencaecuador.com/experience-cuenca-ecuador-programs.html). This 3+ hour walking tour satisfied our taste buds, curiosity, and desire to meet new people and experience new things. The pace of the tour through the 10 de Agosto Mercado and other epicurean hotspots of El Centro was relaxed but deliberate. We enjoyed fresh juice, a breakfast of typical Ecuadorian foods, coffee, honey toasted nuts, a variety of fruits and other delectable treats. As we progressed through El Centro drinking “Soda A” (a digestive aid) at the oldest drug store in Cuenca, purchasing wine and jam from cloistered nuns, having opportunity to purchase aged cheeses and artisanal breads, and finally visiting the oldest and largest oven in Cuenca at Todos Santos, tour guides Rick Duda and Monica Gonzaga kept the group safely together, pointed out places of interest, and had us all enjoying ourselves immensely. More tour programs are in the works so check out the link regularly. You owe yourself the treat of experiencing this tour so don’t miss out!

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  2. Stan & Sharyl Young says:

    I so agree. This tour is so worthwhile, interesting and fun. Rich’s enthusiasm add so much to the enjoyment of having a real Ecuadorian breakfast and learning about all the special foods to enjoy here in Cuenca.. A not to be missed experience

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